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The MTC Dome Namibia is the biggest and most versatile indoor event location in Namibia. It has a big variety of different locations around the building that allow for the hosting of almost all types of events from sports tournaments, concerts and expos, to weddings, birthday parties or year-end functions.


The Sports Hall is at the heart of The Dome Swakopmund. With a size of 6177 m2, it is by far the biggest indoor hall that Namibia has to offer.

It is complimented by all possible amenities, such as bathroom and shower facilities, changing and technical rooms, movable pavilions and elevated decks that add a unique view over the happenings.

The set-up can be changed to cater for all type of needs.

Depending on size and layout the client envisages, The Dome Swakopmund and it's operational team can clear the entire indoor space of loose equipment to utilise the entire area.

This allows for a maximum of 6000 people standing and 4000 seated.

The hall towers 23 meters tall, a landmark that can be seen from almost all parts of town.

The entire hall is covered by 14 600 m2 of UPVC fabric that allows the hall to "breath" and regulate the temperature.

Sluices on either side of the hall make provision for big objects to be moved in and out of the hall at any time, while they also add extra space. In fact, the southern sluice has recently been developed into an entertainment area with its own bar.

Furthermore, the hall comes equipped with a 4000-watt, diesel-powered generator that prevents power outages from ruining your function.

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indoor sports centre


Wall climbing is the kind of exercise that does a whole body workout. We have multiple kinds of routes that will challenge you at your own level of fitness and skill. Apart from the physical workout is it for the younger ones a wonderful developer of their problem solving skill as well as their special awareness.

Times to book (Pre-book Only):
Mon - Thu from 15:00 - 18:00


The SGC is a vibrant club catering for Boys and Girls of all ages and levels of gymnastics. Fun, Fitness and Friendship are the top three goals of the International Gymnastics Federation. Gymnastics also gives you the basic skills to adapt to any sport later in life!

We offer Fun Gym 3 to 6 years (Children not yet in Grade 1 in School), Recreational Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics (Girls and Boys), Tumbling & Double Mini.


Karate is an excellent form of self-defense, it teaches integrity, self-control and helps to mold the physique. Karate exercises tone the body and builds muscle power. It promotes flexibility, increases endurance, and help develop discipline, concentration, and awareness. Karate heightens the overall physical aptitude of the body. A good karateka can maintain self-control in the face of any event. The martial art of karate is presented in a traditional grading syllabus and as a competitive sport for those interested in competing worldwide.

indoor hockey

Coastal Raiders Indoor Hockey Club was established in 2012 in Swakopmund, and are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year! We focus on developing the sport in youth, teenagers and some golden oldies. Our age groups range from 4 years old to almost 60 years old; with about 70-80 active members. We do it for the LOVE of hockey. Coastal Raiders are firm believers that sport compliments development in social skills, conflict resolution and a sense of responsibility towards your team mates and your community.


Punch up your fitness routine at the Boxing Voice Fitness Studio with coach Para who have years of experience in technique and conditioning.

Boxing Voice Fitness Studio offers training sessions from Mondays to Thursdays in
•  boxing, strength training, core workouts
•  seasonal training camp programs
•  private training sessions
•  kiddies boxing classes.


Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules. Coastal Warriors Volleyball Club is youth team from Swakopmund, strongly in support of development of volleyball skills, as well as encouraging positive involvement in society. Our goal is to provide an instructive environment to the youth, as well as fielding a competitive team that enjoys success locally and regionally.

rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is ballet and dance with the use of apparatus like a ball, rope, hoop, clubs and ribbon. We welcome girls from the age of 5 years to join:

  • Oceanview Rhythmic Gymnastics offers a combination of  ballet and dance classes with the use of apparatus like a ball, rope, hoop, clubs and ribbon. We welcome girls from the age of 5 years to join and develop their skills to a next level of fitness.
  • Club owner Leonie Botes (Rhythmic Level 2 FIG coach; Coaching experience of more than 25 years and a Brevet Judge for 16 years).


The game of darts is a pastime that has been enjoyed by many (usually in pubs) for decades! Falcons Darts Club host their national events at MTC Dome Indoor Sports Centre as a spot-on venue to playing a team sport in a social setting all year round.

For those of you who like to relax, unwind, listen to some music and enjoy your evenings with good friends, the sport of darts is for you. Call us to get the game going!


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