Friends of the MTC Dome


Become part of our future heroes stories. Be actively involved in nation building.

The "Friends of the MTC Dome" initiative invites people and organisations to share our dream of unlocking the true potential of our young Namibians. It is an opportunity to help create an environment that is conducive to optimal development and performance.

We have the talent; we have the facilities and programs; we need your financial and moral support.

The talent for producing high performing athletes of international calibre and developing entrepreneurs that will create jobs, is there. What is not yet there, is the financial and moral support of sustainable programmes, the full utilization of facilities and services for our future Namibian stars and leaders.

✓  The MTC Dome is Namibia’s only high-performance sport centre, a one-stop facility for optimal development and performance of future stars.
✓  The MTC Dome has a unique entrepreneurs development division, progressive and entrepreneurial in thinking, innovative and authentic in job creation.

The MTC Dome Friends platform was created to get like-minded people to “belong” and support the various programs. 

Game changers  - weekly sport, gardening and feeding program for street kids.

Be your own boss - aspirant entrepreneurs to discover their authenticity and empower them to change behavior from “seeking a job” to “creating opportunities”.

Phase 1 - focuses on entrepreneurial thinking, self-discovery and business management skills and business ethics.
Phase 2 - applying entrepreneurial thinking skills and thinking tools to create a business opportunity
Phase 3 - implementation of business strategies, mentorship and corporate finance support.

Future stars - hosting sport days and identifying talent to be further assessed at “bootcamps” and nurtured in development programs. 

Podium - It is about living the dream of excellence 24/7. It's not simply about excelling on or off the field, but about producing well-educated, well-balanced individuals who have the social, personal and intellectual qualities to lead a new generation.

The most important criteria are attitude, talent and desire. Being part of the Podium program means having access to world class facilities and services; holistic, scientific and systematic. 

✓ Board & Lodging:
✓ Strength and Conditioning
✓ Sport specific coaching
✓ Sport Science and Medical
✓ Life coaching and education
✓ Equipment and apparel

There are financial implications involved in creating the environment and implementing designed programs for our entrepreneurs, vulnerable kids and athletes. As it is often said, striving for excellence in sport, as in many other human endeavours, is a worthy pursuit, deserving of support and encouragement. Our youth needs our attention!!

Ways to contribute

Gold Medal Friend

✓  Scholarship contribution - N$ 138,000 per annum, subject to the individual needs and developmental stage of the athlete.
✓  Business Box sponsorship - N$ 55,000 per month, subject to specifics of the “Business Box”.
✓  Once-off contribution – More than N$ 100,000 per annum

Silver Medal Friend

✓  Once-off contribution – less than N$ 100,000 per annum, more than N$ 10,000 per annum
✓  Monthly contribution– A monthly contribution allocated to your choice of program or equal distribution between programs of more than N$ 10,000 and less than N$ 100,000 per annum.

Bronze Medal Friend

✓  Once-off contribution – less than N$ 10,000 per annum.
✓  Monthly contribution– A monthly contribution allocated to your choice of program or equal distribution between programs of less than N$ 10,000 per annum.

“Friends” with benefits

Friends of the initiative will benefit in any of the following ways:
✓  To be actively part of Vision 2030
✓  To be associated with sport and youth development
✓  Use of athletes for above and below the line advertising, a maximum of 4 times per year (gold medal “Friend”)
✓  Entitled to an agreed number of students/athletes appearances per year, and may use these appearances for corporate functions, advertising and promotions (Gold Medal “Friend”);
✓  Monthly newsletter
✓  Annual dinner (VIP tickets to Gold and Silver medal Friend)
✓  Recognition as friend of future heroes
✓  MTC Dome corporate packages benefits

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